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The Blond Alchemic Incestuous Boypile

You know you want it...

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The Blond Alchemic Incestuous Boypile!
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What ho? This community is what, exactly?

It is the community for the Blond Alchemic Incestuous Boypile, A.K.A. the Blondpile, a foursome between the Tringham brothers and the Elric brothers.

As such, this community will contain Yaoi, incest, gay relationships, and other things of that nature. If any of these squick you, this is not the place to be!

But if you're perverted like us, join and have fun!

1. Be nice. We're here to have fun. No flaming other's fanfics/fanarts/asinine questions/etc.
2. Use the livejournal cut for anything large, or not worksafe.
3. Theft of someone else's works will get you banned from this community. If you want to pimp them, fine, but make sure you credit!
4. Stay on topic, please. All posts should have something to do with the Blondpile or the boys.
5. We love all our blond boys! If you have a fic or pic for a pairing/threesome that doesn't have its own community yet, we'll be happy to see it!

And that's all! Have fun, and if you need the mod for anything, I can be reached at theurpledoomsquirrel@yahoo.com.

P.S. Because I'm the mod and I can, a few communities:elricest, tringhamcest, russellxed and fletcher_x_al

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